How to Trade the WXY and WXYXZ correction LIKE A PRO!
22 Jan 2018
How to Analyze Waves, Cycles and Degrees from the Top Down!
25 Jan 2018
Elliott Wave Forex and Crypto Weekly Outlook
17-21 Feb 2020
Elliott Wave Forex And Crypto Weekly Outlook
10-14 Feb 2020
Elliott Wave Forex and Crypto Outlook
3-7 Feb 2020


Nicolas Hall

I joined Victor's trading group a few months back, hesitant because I felt like he was giving it all away for free weekly on his forecasting videos. He always mentions on his weekly videos about the importance of having a strategy and not just forecasting and taking trades impulsively...

Allan Strydom

Greetings! By way of introduction my name is Allan Strydom, and i have been trading full time for 8 years now. My trading career started when i decided that working for a boss in corporate wasn’t for me and I wanted to find a way of making money for myself...

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