About Us

Trading Waves was founded by Victor Manena in 2014. Victor is a trained Mechanical and Electrical Engineer with Bachelor’s degree from the University of Johannesburg in South Africa.

Because of his passion for mathematics and especially numerical methods and the Fibonacci theory, he found the Elliott Wave theory quite intriguing and started studying it from 2012.

He studied the theory extensively for about three years. Most of the materials he used were Elliott’s “market letters” and the “Major works of RN Elliott”.

Trading Waves is a technical analysis company. We trade various markets such as Forex, Cryptocurrency, indices, etc.

Trading Waves has developed the Elliott Wave theory into a rational method which is structured and simple even for a beginner Elliot Wave trader. We have developed a unique trading system that removes the subjectivity of the Elliott Wave theory from trading.

This is perhaps the most outstanding yet simple method, based upon proven record, for accurately charting the short and long term future movements of the various markets.

There is a fundamental gap between the Elliott Wave theory in the 1930’s as it was developed in the 1930’s and now. Trading Waves bridges this gap by using a unique trading technique that is simple and effective.

Why Trading Waves

We have a different approach to the Elliott Wave Forecasting technique that is unique and simple to an otherwise complex system.


Wave theory is an intuitive theory and does not require mathematical or scientific background. As such we have developed a strategy that suits both entry level and advanced traders. We wave differently.

We cover the following instruments:

Weekly, daily, 4-hours, and 1-hour wave counts updated regularly in the members' area!

Take your trading skills to another level with Trading Waves.



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Nicolas Hall

"I joined Victor's trading group a few months back, hesitant because I felt like he was giving it all away for free weekly on his forecasting videos. He always mentions on his weekly videos about the importance of having a strategy and not just forecasting and taking trades impulsively.


Slowly but surely my curiosity got me and I subscribed to his trading group, and I am glad I did. His course and strategy helped me bridge to gap between forecasting Elliot Wave and applying it to trading a live money account"

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Allan Strydom

"By way of introduction my name is Allan Strydom and i have been trading full time for 8 years now.


My trading career started when i decided that working for a boss in corporate wasn’t for me and I wanted to find a way of making money for myself without the hassle of having to buy stock , run the risk of bad debt and be able to work from home  - this is where i decided to trade for a living.


Trading without the correct education is similar to going to the casino and will end in tears. I cant stress enough how important learning to trade the right way is and that only comes with good education.


Over the the past 8 years i have done courses in the United States, Switzerland and in England - all of which never gave me all the pieces of the puzzle coming together to make me successful.


In March of 2019 I completed the Elliot Wave cause that Victor Manena teaches and I wish i had done it sooner. The course material is simply brilliant and has taken my trading too the next level.

Victor as a person is very patient and extremely good at sharing his knowledge to all his students.


His course gives me the benefit of working in a group on a daily basis with other traders around the world where we constantly share trade ideas all under the leadership of Victor.


If you are considering trading either part time or full time I would urge you to do 2 things , both of which you will get with the Trading Waves course held by Victor:


Find the best mentor

Get the best education and learn to trade the right way from the start